Day 43: Two Feet On The Ground


I received a call from the Physician Assistant on Tuesday evening.  She meet with the doctor and they reviewed my x-rays.  Everything looked good and they have given me the okay to start weight bearing on my surgery side.  They advise me to progress slowly over the next 2 weeks from using two crutches to using one crutch.  They told me it will take a little bit of guts and I may have some flare ups.  Still no driving for the next 2 weeks as they would like for me to be able to get out of the car with no limp and no crutches.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well over the next 2 weeks!

My PT order was also put in and they called me to schedule the appointment.  My first PT appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, November 6th at 1pm.  I spoke with a nurse yesterday but I am still waiting on the revised return to work note.  They sent to my company but of course I have restrictions and certain accommodations that would need to be approved so it may be a few days before I know when I can start working again.

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Day 37: 1st Post-Op Appt…to be continued

I just want to do a quick post after my first post-op appointment yesterday.  I saw the Physician Assistant during this appointment.  They took an x-ray and told me that everything looks good but the doctor was not in the office.  The PA showed us an area on the x-ray where the bone is healing and starting to fill in though it is very little right now so it was hard to see on the x-ray.  The doctor will need to review my x-rays on Tuesday or Wednesday and then they will follow up with me in order to provide me a status update for work, let me know when I can start some weight bearing if any at this time, and determine when I can start Physical Therapy.

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Day 33: T-Minus 4 Weeks & Counting

4 weeks down and 4 more weeks to go on crutches!  The past few days have been a little better.  I feel like I have done a little more and gotten out of the house a bit more but I do get tired pretty quickly.  I don’t have much more to report at this time.  My scar gel and silicone strips came in over the weekend so I started using those last night.  It is also scary to look at the difference in size of my leg muscles at this point…crazy how fast we lose when we are not using.  I went to the dentist yesterday morning to get my teeth cleaned thinking while I was out of work at least I could get something else accomplished too only to find out from my doctors office that I cannot have my teeth cleaned until 3 months after my surgery…bummer 🙁 I thought since I was no longer taking the Coumadin that I should be good but I am glad they had me call my doctors office to check.  My first follow up appointment since my surgery is this Friday so I am looking forward to finding out how I am doing and what the next steps are…when I can start driving, working, physical therapy, etc.

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Day 28: Last Coumadin Dose

Though I have continued to make progress physically, this week has been the hardest mentally. I am not sure why but I have been feeling really down and out. I knew that I may have days that I would feel like this but I didn’t think it would be several in a row.

I have not had to take pain medicine during the day since Sunday. We got a lot of rain Sunday evening and Monday morning with the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen that came through the area. The weather is cooler again with temperatures in the 50’s during the night and early mornings then reaching the mid to upper 70’s during the day.

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Day 24: Never Give Up Hope

Never Give Up Hope.  Or Chocolate….Never Give Up Hope Or Chocolate.  Thank you again Christy for the brownies you sent at the end of last week.  I just ate the last one!  The title of the post comes from a card that my mother-in-law sent to me.  I thought it fit me perfectly!

Friday made 3 weeks since my surgery so I have 5 more weeks on crutches.  I am continuing to improve but feel a little bummed some days.  My leg just feels like a blob and the poor circulation just makes it look splotchy from not being able to use it.  I am continuing to bend my knee when I am standing, flex my foot back and forth when sitting, and also tighten and release my quad and calf muscles.  I hope the muscles will build back up quickly once I can use it again.

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Day 21: A Walk A Day

I am doing well with being home alone and getting around though it is lonely at times.  I thought the cats would keep me company but they sure do sleep a lot!!!

The Physical Therapist was here on Tuesday morning.  I practiced getting in and out of the car on the passenger and driver side.  The driver side is definitely more challenging  because I feel like I am dragging my left side and the steering wheel kinda gets in the way.  I also practiced turning onto my right side with a pillow in between my legs in the bed.  I was able to do it but couldn’t really get comfortable so I am going to wait a little longer until I try to start sleeping on my side.  I was hurting after completing these tasks but luckily I didn’t have much swelling so that’s good.

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Day 18: Starting The Week Off On One Foot

Overall I had a good weekend.  My mom left yesterday to go back to Louisiana.  I really appreciate that she took the time to come and help out for a week.

The weather has been beautiful.  We were able to turn the AC off this weekend and have the windows open…it felt great.  The kitties also enjoyed the cooler weather and loved the windows being opened.  Garrett went to Charlotte Octoberfest on Saturday.  My friend Kristin came by and we had lunch on the back patio.  Then, my mom and I then watched 13 Going On 30 and Safe Haven.  I had never seen either of these movies.  I really liked both of them.  I went to the bathroom and not even thinking went to stand up and put a little weight on my left side and it did not feel good.  I hurt pretty bad after and ended up having to take Percocet again that evening along with a lot of icing.  I was pretty upset with myself.

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Day 14-15: Let’s Break The Pattern

I am seeing a pattern of bad day, good day, bad day, good day…I hope to break that pattern this weekend.

Yesterday (Thursday) I felt decent when I got up in the morning and then within about 10 minutes of being up realized that I did not take my Coumadin(blood thin), Iron, Colace,or Zyrtec the night before.  Between Garrett, my mom, and me I am not sure how that happen but it did.  I then felt panicked because of missing the Coumadin which had been increased after the last test so I call the Home Health and they advised me to wait until the nurse came out to test and then just get back on schedule once the dosage is determined.   I ate breakfast and then start having problems in the bathroom department.  I don’t know what makes me feel older…being the owner of a walker and raised toilet seat or spending a significant amount of time in the bathroom and having to eat more prunes.  Once I finally overcame these issues the next one happen…

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Day 12-13: An Apple A Day

Yesterday was a yucky day.  I got up and felt okay.  My mom made me a breakfast burrito with an egg, turkey and cheese.  We had coffee and watch Live! with Kelly and Michael.  The Physical Therapist arrived at 10:30am.  It amazes me how poor the service is that we receive from health practices.  I just don’t understand.  I called the Home Health provider last Thursday morning after the swelling, visit to OC urgent care, and ER for ultrasound episode.  They advised me that they would speak with therapist to make her aware. Lo and behold the therapist arrives and has no idea what happen after her initial visit last week.  I let her know and she didn’t seem too concerned so I advised her that I would not be practicing the stairs or lifting my leg with my good leg to get in and out of the bed and on and off of the ottoman.  I am actually now able to do these things but there is no reason to repeat them over and over until I am in pain.

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Day 10-11: The Week Two Wean Off

Since my head has been feeling cloudy, I have decided to start extending the time between my pain medicine doses in order to wean off them.  I started by adding 30 minutes between doses today extending from 4 to 4 1/2 hours.  I hate to wait until it hurts too bad because then it is like my whole body starts tensing up and I can’t relax which makes it hurt even worse.

Sunday was a pretty non-eventful day which with everything that has been going on it was nice to relax.  Since my mom was now here Garrett left the house early in the morning to go for a run at the park.  On his way home he picked up some cinnamon chip bread to make french toast for breakfast/brunch.  It was really good.

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