My Hip History

The story of my love for running and discovering I have hip dysplasia.

My Love On My Left
My Love On My Left

I started running in high school when I joined the cross country team.  I continued to run while I was in college and then after college for exercise.  I really enjoyed running and it became a part of my everyday routine but I never ran more than 6 miles at a time until 2007 when I decided to train for my first marathon.

I started training in July 2007 and ran the Philadelphia Marathon in November 2007 finishing in 4:13:09.  It was the most amazing and accomplished feeling.  I couldn’t wait to train for the next one.  Not long after this race Garrett and I started dating.  He couldn’t believe how much I ran and really thought I was crazy for running a marathon but he decided to give running a try.  His first attempt was on the treadmill which only last a few minutes and he was beat.  Though several months later he was running by my side.

We decided to run the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon together in December of 2008.  We began training in August 2008 and finished the race in 4:00:41.  I really wanted to break 4 hours but Charlotte was a tough and hilly course.  Nonetheless I was still pleased to shave about 13 minutes off compare to my first marathon.

We got engaged in April of 2009.  Then as the end of 2009 approached and we both wanted to be in shape for our wedding in the Spring we decided to register for the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon the weekend before our wedding in February of 2010.  We had been running a good bit to begin each week and then started training at the beginning of December 2009.  We finished the race in 3:55:51.  I had finally broken 4 hours!

Garrett started school not long after we got married and I ran a lot on my own again.  I thought if we registered for another race then maybe he would run more.  We registered to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon in March 2012 and I started having some pains through this training but just thought it was my IT band.  Garrett also wasn’t into the training as much this time so we ended up switching to run the Half Marathon instead of the Marathon and finished in 1:56:46. I also had a fall during the race around mile 10 when the front of my shoe on the left side felt like it caught the ground while trying to get a energy blok out of my water belt…I blamed it on multi-tasking while running.  As fast as I went down I was back up even though I had scraped up my knee.

In August of 2012 I decide that I would start training to run the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon or Half Marathon.  I was only a few weeks into training and had a another fall running at 5:30am in the morning the in the dark.  I went to step to the side of the repaved road when a car was coming and went down tearing up my left knee.  I was pretty sore for a few days after but continued running.  I started going to a park on Saturdays and running with a running group.  I was doing really well and had gotten down to an 8 minute 30 second pace but the pain in my buttocks area and hip would not go away.  I borrowed a foam roller and “the Stick” from a friend which I kept using on the area but it only seem to get worse and aggravate things more.  Finally in mid-September Garrett started running with the running group too.  The longer 12-13 miles saturday runs where getting harder for me.  By the time we would go out 6-7 miles and turn around to come back I started having a limp and pain.  I also noticed at work and on long car rides that I would have a constant pain in my hip that was very uncomfortable making me having to keep moving to reposition myself to get comfortable.  After a 4-5 mile run during the week in October 2012 I was limping very badly and pain was radiating down from my left hip and even hurting at my knee.  I knew at this point that there was no way that I was going to run the race.  I took several weeks off of running and it started to feel a little bit better so I decide to register for the Charlotte Thunder Road 5K and be there to support Garrett and others in the running group.  It ended up being painful just to get through the 5K in 25:51 with a 8:21 min/mile pace.  I couldn’t workout for about a week after this and then started doing P90X.

Finally in early December 2012 I scheduled an appointment with a Physician Assistant to try to determine what was going on and wondered if I had done something during one of the falls since both were on my left side.  X-Rays were taken at this visit and nothing looked out of the ordinary with X-Rays so I was advised that it could bursitis or a labral tear.  Of course the only way to diagnose a labral tear would be to have an MRI.  Since it was the end of the year and I have a High Deductible Health Plan I decide to go ahead and treat as bursitis and then have an MRI at the beginning of the year if the pain continued.  I was given an oral steroid pack which took a few days to feel any relief from.  I felt great for 3 days and then the pain was back again.  So in January 2013 I went in had the MRI done on my left hip with the dye and I was advised that I had a very small stress fracture on the femoral neck.  I was told to not running for 2 months.  During the next 2 months the pain never seemed to change and sitting at my desk at work became very uncomfortable.  I tried moving my computer on my desk, different chairs and I was constantly repositioning myself.  As I neared the 2 month mark I reached back out to the PA.  I was then sent on to a hip specialist.  The wait time to get an appointment was 2-3 months.  We went on vacation to Europe and the long flights were so painful I knew that something was definitely not right.  I was also very sore at the end of each day and it even hurt my hip when sleeping on my left side.

I had an appointment with Physician Assistant at the Hip Center at the beginning of April 2013.  My MRI from January was reviewed and I was advised that there was a small labral tear that was missed.  I went the following week to have an injection into my hip at a surgery center.  This took a few days to feel any relief but I did have some relief.  I then saw the Doctor at the beginning of May 2013 and he pulled up the X-Rays that were taken in December of 2012 and outlined the amount of the femoral head being covered on each side in my hip joint to point out the slight variation from one side to the other.  I was advised that I would need to have hip arthroscopy procedure to shave some on the bone off and repair the labral tear.  The procedure was scheduled for August 9, 2013.  I was able to workout in May and June.  I joined the gym and did some spinning and body pump classes.  As the injection wore off the pain came back and finally I had my last workout at the beginning of July.

My hip arthroscopy surgery was for 12 noon on August 9, 2013.  I woke up in recovery around 3pm which seemed very early for a procedure I knew was supposed to take about 3 hours.  I was then taken to the room where my husband came in to inform me that they got in there and discovered that my labrum was not actually torn it was being pinched due the joint slightly facing the wrong direction which had caused damaged to the labrum but wasn’t actually torn yet and that I would need a different procedure that the doctor thought that I was a candidate for because of my age and the joint still being healthy.  I later learned at my first post-op appointment that it is advised that I do not run again which is still heart breaking.  I also learned about PAO surgery.  Due to the pain that I had been in and having already not run since December 2012 I decided it would be best for me to move forward with the PAO surgery and find a love for something else like the love that I had for running.

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