1 year 3 months post op LPAO and 35 weeks pregnant

IMG_0632I am a big planner.  I try to plan ahead and be as prepared for things as much as possible.  I have learned over the past few years that we can plan but sometimes life just throws us a curve ball.  The worst of my hip pain started at the end of 2012 but we had big plans for 2013!

I started in the Summer of 2012 planning our 3 year wedding anniversary trip to Europe for the Spring of 2013.  We had also decided that 2013 was going to be the year that we would start trying to have a baby and begin our family.  Little did I know that my husband would be taking care of me as I recovered from PAO surgery.

As it got closer to our anniversary trip the doctors had still not figured out exactly what was causing my hip pain but I was sent on to the hip specialist and had an appointment scheduled for April after our trip.  We took our trip to Europe visiting Italy, Greece and Turkey.  It was an incredible experience and an amazing trip!  I do wish now that my hip would have been better for that trip.  We did a lot of walking and I can remember at the end of each day laying in bed not even wanting to lay on my left side because my hip was sore from all the walking and site seeing each day.

I saw the PA in April of 2013 and had an injection into my hip the following week.  I then saw the hip doctor in May and got surgery scheduled for August of 2013 to repair what appeared to be small labral tear and shave off some bone.  We had obviously put trying to start our family on hold at this point until after the surgery but little did we know that it would be delayed a bit longer.  I woke up in recovery in August for my husband to come in to tell me that they got in there to do the procedure and discovered that I needed PAO so nothing was actually done during this surgery.  I remember feeling so disappointed.  We were able to meet with the doctor a few  weeks later to discuss PAO surgery.  We shared with him that we wanted to start a family and he said we could put the surgery off for a while if we wanted.  I then thought about the pain I was in everyday and not being able to get through a day without ibuprofen…I didn’t think that my body was in the best condition to have a healthy and pain free pregnancy.  We then listened to all the possible complications and risks of the surgery in addition to the 6 month recovery and decide we definitely need to hold off longer on getting pregnant.  I needed to take care of myself first and get to a place where I was living pain free.

My last post op appointment was April 29, 2014(about 7 months post op).  I was feeling much better…still not 100% as far as being where I wanted to be with working out again but finally living pain free!  I remember as I exited the room from seeing the doctor he said “good luck with starting a family”.  Little did I know that it would happen within the next few weeks but I guess everything happens for a reason and it was finally the right time!

I was very worried about how my hip would hold up throughout the pregnancy.  The doctor had advised that I may experience some pain and/or discomfort by the third trimester but “knock on wood” I have been pain free.  He also said that I should be able to have a normal delivery even after the PAO surgery but due to being petite my chances of having to have a c-section are greater.  I had a little discomfort in my hip at the beginning of October but I think I had just pushed it too much during a workout.  It lasted about a week.  I have continued to exercise on the elliptical 3 to 4 days a week for 45 minutes at a time and walk outside 2-4 miles at a time if I can’t get to the elliptical.  I have started to get out of breath the past few weeks with baby taking up so much space and with the holidays haven’t worked out as much as I would like to but plan to get back into this week.

We will be welcoming our sweet baby girl into the world sometime within the next 4-5 weeks.  We are so very excited! I hope for a normal delivery and to not have to have a c-section but I know that some things are out of my control which I have learned over the past few years.  No matter which way our baby gets here we can’t wait to meet her and finally be a family of three 🙂

I also want to thank my husband, Garrett, for being there for me over the past few years through this PAO journey.  There have been many ups and downs but I appreciate everything you have done for me especially being by my side through it all.  I am so excited for the next journey ahead of us and look forward to what 2015 has to hold!  Happy New Year to all!

10 thoughts on “1 year 3 months post op LPAO and 35 weeks pregnant

  1. Best of luck, Jennie! We’re so excited! And, having experienced childbirth both ways, a c-section isn’t so bad, and in many ways was easier! Either way, you’ll get that baby girl!

  2. Congratulations Jennie, I am due to have my PAO on wednesday 21st January and this blog was very helpful, people have told me i will struggle and being active myself i know i will try and puh myself too much so reading your challenges has made me realise i will need to just go with the flow!

  3. I wish I had found this blog sooner. It eases my mind actually hearing about other women going through the same thing. I also had a PAO on my left side along with two arthoscopies. It took nearly two years to find the source of the problem. It’s been 16 and a half weeks and I’m still in constant pain and one more hip to go! Your 4 1/2 month mark post abut just wanting to be normal really hit home for me. It’s a struggle I go through everyday and I don’t seem to go a day without asking “Why me?” I’m glad you shared your experience, keep on posting!

  4. I love reading this blog. I am 17 and had a PAO on my right hip in December, after about a year and a half of pain for unknown reasons in my thigh. My experience at the time was awful and I am still in recovery, without pain (luckily!). I got my screws taken out last week, and needless to say, I feel a whole lot better! Reading this blog has put my mind at ease that the recovery process from here on out is all good news, I am thrilled that you got back into exercise as I am a very active person and it was one of my biggest concerns. I can definitely relate to all the hard times – especially when I was on crutches and missing out on school and other activities, I was so sick of it. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

  5. Hi! My name is kelly. I have had two hip scopes to repair/cut out labral tears. Fast forward 9 years I’m having the same issues again. I just found out what PAO surgery is and will be scheduling my surgery within the next few months. I appreciate reading all the posts. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you for this blog! I am having PAO November 3 and have been trying to hear experience from someone like me… I’m a runner (well not for the last two months bc pain is too bad) but I’m terrified about being inactive. I have hope reading your posts

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