10 months post-op – Feeling great


I am still doing well and working out at least 5 days a week.  I am keeping up with the cycling and doing P90X upper body workouts.  I have also done some swimming.  I have not attempted to do any jogging or running.  My hip still pops if I move the right way even though it doesn’t hurt I am just too scared to take the chance to do any further damage.  I occasionally have muscle soreness in my hip area if I push it too much when working out but it is nothing like the pain deep in my hip that I had before my surgery and it usually goes away within a few days.

We recently took a long weekend trip to Vegas and the first night walked from one end of the strip to the other…my hip was sore after the long walk…we had to get a cab back to the hotel so I am also trying to do more walking.  We have been taking walks in the evening after dinner.  The walking just uses different muscles and I guess I still have strengthening to do.

My last post-op appointment was April 29th.  The doctor was very pleased with where I was at that point and how good of shape I had gotten back into at that point.  He said that everything looked good.  I told him the pain I had when doing workouts with weights and carrying heavy objects.  He said to not be surprised if even a few months from now if I do something and then I am a little sore for a few days.  I just think that it will take a long time to get all the muscles in my hip area back to where they were before my surgery but I will keep trying.  Here is my x-ray from my April 29th post-op.  I was very surprised by the space in my pelvis bone where the bone has not grown back together.  I thought it would all fill in but the doctor said that it is that way by design.

unnamedSome times things just still don’t feel normal or they feel different.  For example when shaving my legs in the shower I use to be able to twist my leg and easily reach the back of my leg but it just feels uncomfortable now when I put my leg in this particular position.  Also sometimes during the middle of the night when I go to turn from one side to the other side it just feels strange.  Neither of these things cause pain but they just don’t feel normal.  They also feel like I am just not as flexible as I was before my surgery.

I think now that I am feeling so much better I look back at last year around this time and realize how bad the pain was and how it was affecting all aspects of my life.  I was in pain constantly and it wasn’t pain that would bring tears to your eyes but it was extremely uncomfortable.  I couldn’t do much this time last year without being in pain…sitting at my desk at work, riding in the car, wearing heels and working out would make me so uncomfortable and my hip so sore that I would then have to take 3-5 days off from working out and wear flats.  I just think it all really took a toll on me and I didn’t even realize how bad it was at the time.  I am so happy that I decided to have the surgery and I think it was well worth it!  I haven’t had to take Aleve in months now 🙂  For those of you out there who are facing PAO surgery it is a long recovery and it isn’t easy but it is worth it to be pain free.

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  1. Keep doing well Jennie! I am 12 days post op and I have been fortunate to not very minimal pain. I take limited pain meds and I am already driving and getting myself dressed even with the dreaded TED hose. I did have a scare last week that landed me in the Emergency Department but I am back to building my strength up. Two week follow up is on Wednesday hopefully I can start PT soon! Definitely keep following your progress and hope the pain goes away for you soon to start running.

    I definitely think PAO was a great choice as I do Crossfit and GORUCK which consists a lot of heavy lifting.

    Cheers and keep riding! Wish I was that far out now! 🙂

    1. Hi Cathy,
      I’m wondering how you are doing now that it is 10months out? I’m specifically wondering if you have started up Cross fit again, or if you think you will in the future. If you have started Cross fit up again, what modifications have you had to make? Have the people at Crossfit been respectful of any limitations you have set for yourself in order to best protect your hip?

      1. Whoa I got an email and was a little confused. Lol. So since posting on here I have actually had PAOs on both hips and screw removal. LPAO 7/22/14, RPAO 11/4/14, Left screw removal 2/4/15, and right screw removal 5/11/15. Since I had my PAOs 15 weeks apart I never really was able to get back into much except hiking last Fall. I started doing private Crossfit training sessions at 12 weeks post-op RPAO. Than I jumped into classes at 16 weeks. I interviewed the owners of the gym I am at to make sure they could accommodate me and skew accordingly. I am still having pain in my hips but that because my left is still very dysplastic as he wasn’t able to rotate much but the pain isn’t anywhere what it used to be. My right side has some irritation in the hip flexor tendons and I’m on activity restriction so now I go to Crossfit and modify by doing upper body for everything. My WODs are all tailored to me as well by one of the coaches but I still go to class or sometimes open gym. I didn’t have any limitations once I was able to get my hip mobility back the first time but since my last surgery the right hip screw removal I’m starting over again and working on my hip mobility with a PT so I don’t keep upsetting it. Only time will tell I’m not even a year post op so recovery is still progressing. If ya have any more questions feel free to ask. My procedures and recoveries went so fast but I credit that to what I was doing prior. Hope this helps and sorry it is so long. You can always feel free to email too climber09@gmail.com

  2. My daughter, who just turned 22 today, had Pao surgery on her right hip in February 2012. Her surgery was in Chicago, we live in Pennsylvania. She has recovered well, had the screws removed 6 months post-op, and made a college/career change after having the surgery. She is studying to be a physical therapy assistant so that she can help other young people and athletes who have similar types of problems. She has also had surgery on both ankles since the Pao, to repair stretch tendons and ligaments. she is currently 7 weeks post op from the second ankle surgery, a college student full time, and receiving pt for the ankle. Best of luck to you and stay strong, it is a long road but it is so well worth it to be pain free!!

  3. Hi Jennie,
    My name is Mikayla, I’m 12 years old and 3 months post- Left PAO.
    I came across your blog a couple of months ago and have loved reading it!
    I was surprised how much I could relate to everything you said.
    Anyway I hope all is going well 🙂 Thanks, Mikayla.

    1. Hi Mikayla, I am glad you found it helpful! I am doing very well and continue to be pain free. I have been using an elliptical and walking for exercise 4 to 5 days a week. I wish you the best of luck as you continue to recover! It takes a good 6 months to a year to feel 100% but you will get there. Take care, Jennie

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