7 1/2 Months Post-op: Feeling Accomplished


This weekend has made me feel so proud of myself!   I completed a 14 miles bike ride on Saturday with my clip in bike pedals, did yard work and I walked/jogged a 5k today!!  My muscles around my hip area are a little sore but it feels great to be active again.  I have really only been biking for exercise so the squatting doing the yard work and the jogging definitely used some different muscles.

Clip in bike pedals may not sound like a big deal but I did have a little fall on my second attempt at using them at the beginning of the week.  I have learned that you really have to think ahead!!  We were leaving our subdivision and stopped…well I was still clipped into both pedals and couldn’t get my foot out and I fell over and of course on my left hip(PAO surgery side).  I had to laugh as I laid on the ground looking up at my husband who was also laughing and couldn’t believe I had fallen.  He doesn’t have clip in pedals on his bike yet but lucky for me I am short so the ground wasn’t very far away.  I ended up going for a ride by myself in the business park near our house later in the week and just practiced stopping and unclipping at every corner.

I wore heels to work 3 days this past week…feels great and I am so happy to have some height back!!!  I am 5’1″ and learned to be okay with flats about a year ago when my hip pain so bad I could only wear flats.  I had given heels a try towards the end of March but it was still a bit too much at that time.

The last pain that I have really had was towards the end of March when I did a workout with 10 pound dumbbell weights and then last weekend I helped my husband carry a 90 pound coffee table from our garbage into the house.  So I am still finding that holding or carrying heavy things still seems to bother my hip.  At the end of March after I did the workout with the weights I hurt for about 5 days and had the sharp “butt” bone pain occasionally.  I did have to take Aleve for a few days.  After carrying the coffee table last weekend I hurt for about 2 days after so at least this time it didn’t last as many days and I didn’t have to take Aleve.  I just pushed through it and rode my bike but my hip felt a little achy.

I can finally say that I am glad that I had the surgery.  It is great to not be in pain everyday like I was before the surgery.  It is just a long recovery and I still don’t feel like I am 100% but I am going to keep pushing everyday.  I feel like everything that I do activity or exercise wise for the first time since my surgery I am a little sore and then a few days after it gets better.  I know that I still have a lot of work to get my muscles back to normal around the surgery area.  I have also continued to do my cross over hip stretch, hamstring stretches and use the small rebounder/trampoline.

I have a post-op on Tuesday, April 29th and I am planning on asking about the pain I have had over the past month that I have pin pointed to be related to carrying something heavy.

I am still not sure if I am going to make running part of my daily activity again since I know that my doctor doesn’t recommend it but it felt to get out there today and participate in the 5k 🙂  My last 5k that I ran before my surgery was in November 2012 and I ran it in 25:51.  Today I walked/jogged the 5k in 45 minutes.  I was presented with a medal for my efforts since as we didn’t think that I would ever be out there attempting to even jog but I completed the race.

6 thoughts on “7 1/2 Months Post-op: Feeling Accomplished

  1. Hi Jennie,

    I came across your blog when I searched for more information on PAO Surgery. I have to have the same surgery this June and I’m really nervous and scared. Mostly scared of the surgery part but everyone keeps telling me that’s the easiest part. I’ve always had a fear of being put under. Pain relief after recovery sounds great though. I know right now it’s uncomfortable for to sit for long periods and even walk up stairs. Thank you for putting up this blog it’s something I can refer back to when going through my own recovery.

    Thank you,
    Megan Shivers

    1. Hi Megan,

      You’re welcome! I think the hardest part is the long recovery and when you start trying to walk after the surgery just wanting to be pain free. It does get better with each month that goes by as you are recovering. I hope all goes well with your surgery! You will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  2. Hi! I am facing a PAO soon, after a failed arthroscopy, and am very inspired by your progress. I am almost 10 months post-op from my hip scope and can hardly complete just daily activities. Even walking through the grocery store leaves me limping. So to read about your bike milage and other positive progress is really encouraging! I will keep following your blog and hope that everything continues to go well for you 🙂 – Jen

    1. Hi Jen! Thank you for your comment! I felt like you are feeling now last year at this time. There wasn’t much I could do without being in pain. I am so happy to be feeling better! It is just a long recovery. I hope to write another post soon. I am now working out 5-6 days a week and feeling so much better. I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery and will keep you in my thoughts! Best, Jennie

  3. Hi Jennie,
    I just recently found your blog and have been reading through much of it. Im 17 years old and i am currently in recovery from my second PAO, im about a month in. My first one was done last october. I just wanted to say it feels so great to know that someone else knows what its like to go through this, and i really wish i had found your blog sooner. It means a lot to me that you would offer your experience with others going through this, it really helps 🙂

    1. Hi Grace, Thank you for your comment. It has been really nice to be able to connect with others out there waiting to have PAO or who had PAO. I really can’t believe how many of us there are out there. It has been great to be able to talk with others who can relate. I hope you are doing well and continue to have a good recovery 🙂 It is a very long recovery and can be frustrating at times but I am so happy to now be pain free. Best, Jennie

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