6 Months Post-Op


Well I am finally 6 months post-op and continuing down the road of recovery!  It is great to not constantly be in pain like I was before having LPAO surgery but I still feel like I have a ways to go.  I was a very active person prior to surgery.  I typically ran about 20-30 miles a week and mixed in P90X a few days a week for upper body and ab workouts.  The pain before the surgery was there whether I was sitting at my desk at work or riding in the car and I remember constantly trying to reposition myself or shift around to get comfortable.  I could not wear high heel shoes without being in pain.  Then when I would complete an intense workout I was usually hurting and sore for several days after that it was painful to even lay on my left side in bed.

I do not have any pain when sitting at my desk or riding in the car today.  We recently went to see a movie and I was comfortable where as before I looked like I had ants in my pants moving around in the seat.  I am riding my spin bike on most days for 45 minutes.  I have completed some P90X workouts over the past few weeks.  I have made it through the first half of the Chest and Back and have completed the Ab Ripper a few times.  In completing the ab workout, I discovered how far my muscles on my left side still have to go…it was so hard to keep my left leg up during the workout.  Then I was waddling like a penguin the day after I did abs the first time.  I can walk a mile or two miles and be okay but trying to do anymore than that I find myself hurting in the area near my “butt” bone or sit bone.  I decided to walk 4 miles about a month ago and by that evening I could not take a step without hurting then I limped for two days 🙁

trampoline-with-handleI got a rebounder/small trampoline with bar to get my body used to the bouncing back and forth motion in hopes to maybe be able to run a few mile clips in the future but I think that is still a ways off.

The past few days have been the best I have felt so far.  This past Monday I walked 1 mile, rode my spin bike for 10 minutes and then completed the Ab Ripper workout.  This was the first time I completed the ab workout and felt like I was not struggling.  Then on Tuesday I walked 2 miles, rode my spin bike for 10 minutes and spent a few minutes bouncing back and forth on the rebounder.  “Knock on wood” I have had not had the “butt” bone pain since Monday morning!  Maybe I will high heel shoes a try again in the next few weeks 🙂

cat-on-trampolineI am still stretching everyday.  I do the cross over hip stretch and a few different stretches for my hamstring muscles.  I am good with putting on my shoes now but putting on tights can still be a little uncomfortable.

Since the weather is warming up and summer approaching I just wanted to share with others out there that have had PAO surgery and are trying to find a swimsuit to cover the scar that Athleta has a really cute sporty suit that I ordered and was very pleased that it covered my entire scar!  It is the Plumeria Sportify Dolphin Short bottom and Plumeria Sportify Reversible Bikini top. I love that the top is reversible and the swimsuit comes in two different colors. I am also planning on going to start looking at bikes so that I can get outside again to be able to get some fresh area while exercising.  We have penciled in a trip to the bike store for this weekend!

The past few months have been like a roll coaster…lots of up and downs but I am starting to feel like with each new thing I try to do or add in order to get back to being the active person I was that the first few times might cause a little discomfort or pain due to everything in there that was moved around during surgery but I do finally feel like things are improving and getting better!  I have to keep in mind that we are all different and have to be patient and give our bodies time to heal.  It was a major surgery and I have to keep that in mind!


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  1. Hi Jennie,
    I stumbled across your blog today on a search for people “just like me”. I too have had a PAO, this was my second osteotomy my first being at 18 months old and I also has an arthroscopic procedure in 2009. My latest surgery was August 1st, 2013 just about a month before you. Reading your blog was inspiring because I can relate to a lot of your story. I am 26 years old, engaged, and a music teacher. I was born with congenital hip dysplasia which was discovered after I began walking.

    After my osteotomy as a baby I was fortunate enough to live an active and “normal” life. I never felt limited.

    In college I began having a lot of pain whenever I would walk or run so I went and got it checked out, that was when a simple scope procedure to clean and reshape the joint was suggested. In May 2009 I had the surgery and by October of 2009 I felt great! The sharp shooting pains disappeared and I began spinning! I too was told that running wasn’t in the cards for me. So, I joined the gym and got into spinning, I also went out and purchased an expensive road bike and all the gear to go with it! Go big or go home right!? 🙂 This was great and I was back to my active life style. Unfortunately the pain slowly began to return and by Spring of 2013 while I was finishing my masters at Michigan State away from all family I began to greatly decline and could barely walk. I am from Buffalo, NY and the orthopedic program had no options for me, they would not give me a hip replacement given my age.

    Long story short I got a second opinion in another city and the surgeon said he had an option for me a “hip preservation” procedure which basically consisted of 2 osteotomies and a neck lengthening. As you are aware this was major surgery. I will spare you my details, Here is the link to my blog: http://obrienpatriciasiobhan.wordpress.com/

    Anyway I went on a search because I am having a tough time and looking at what has worked for others. I too have these pains that you talk about and unfortunately my recovery has not gone as smooth as yours. I have spent the last 3 months in a whirlwind of emotions trying to find the right “recipe” for what makes my body feel good and still can’t find it. I unfortunately am still limping pretty bad and most recently was using one crutch because of some of the pain. It’s been really tough and because I am rehabbing in Buffalo and my surgery was in Rochester I have found a disconnect in my care. I have actually stopped going to therapy at this point and am stretching and using the spin bike on my own at home. Basically on my last appointment with my surgeon he brought the head of his pt team and she was not happy with how they were beating me up at rehab in my city so we stopped care immediately so I could rest. My weakest muscle at this point is my gluts and they are extremely sore too!! I am not using the crutch anymore but still feel pretty weak. One thing that really stuck out to me was how limited you PT interaction was throughout your recovery. It seemed like you did a lot independently and it also seems like you are doing great! I am wondering how you decided this, or who decided this? I started pt a couple days after I got out of the hospital (after a 9 day stay) and consistently went 2x a week for 6 months, spending about 1-2 hrs each time. This was way to much and I believe I just over did it and could never quite catch up to actually recover. I am desparate at this point and just looking for ideas of what worked for others! Would you mind telling me a little bit more about your pt ? SO happy I stumbled upon your inspiring story and I am looking forward to hearing back from you!


  2. Hi Siobhan,

    You have been through a lot. I always wonder would it have it been better for me to find out that I had this sooner. Some days I am glad I didn’t know but then when I was in pain for the few years before my surgery I did begin to think it was all in my head so I was happy when the doctors finally discovered the problem because I was beginning to think I was crazy 🙂

    My doctor really left the PT up to the therapist. The Physician Assistant did let me know that if any point I felt like the PT was pushing me too much to let them know. The PT really felt like if he was doing everything he was supposed to then I should only have 10 -16 sessions at the most. I had a total of 14 sessions over 7 weeks. I was also riding the spin bike at home on the days that I did have PT which I was advised to do along with stretching. At my PT sessions he was having me to things to strengthen the muscles right around the joint area in hopes for me to be able to run a few mile clips here and there in the future. That’s where a lot of balancing exercises came in like standing on one foot and catching ball, etc. I am doing well but I do find that exercises other than the spinning I am really having to easy into them and I do find when I try something new or over do it I do have the butt bone pain which is a sharp pain at times. I never had a sharp pain before my surgery so it is concerning at times but I feel like I really need to give myself a full year. I go back to see my doctor on April 29th so I will definitely let him know that I occasionally still have this pain. It was really weird I went 2 full weeks without having any pain and then I did P90x shoulders and arms last week and the weights were just too much. I do find that even carrying something that is heavy does bother my hip but I hope with time that it will get better.

    Thank you for reaching out to me and I hope you feel better!


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