Day 115 / Week 16: Ready For Happy Hips

Well I completed my PT sessions in December.  I had a total of 14 PT sessions over 7 weeks.  I am just ready to feel “normal” again or better yet have “happy hips”.

Squats w/ one foot back & heel raised
Squats w/ one foot back & heel raised

In some of my final sessions I was working on doing some squats with one foot slightly to the back and my heel off the floor because it was still too much to try to do a regular squat.  My muscles are still too weak and I was using mostly my non-surgery side when I went down which made for a very crooked squat shifting to my non-surgery side.

We found a few more spots on the outside of my hip area that are like little knots in my muscles so I am using a foam roller to try to work them out.  I have also used a heating pad on these spots and they are getting better but it takes several days to work it out.  We never really figured out the achy pain that I have in what feels like my “butt bone” or where the bones where cut at the bottom of my pelvis bone.

Somedays it hurts worse than others  when standing but I feel it most days.  Of course I am concerned that this won’t go away but the doctor had told me at my appointment in November to keep in mind that the total recovery is 6 months so I am trying to be optimistic and hope that this will work itself out over time.  I felt like when I was going to PT it would hurt worse after a session that we did a lot of stretching then the next day it was still sore and by the third day it was better.

I was released from PT with the following instructions-

Crossover Hip Stretching

Walking – every other day – walk 15 minutes/session.  Add 5 minutes/week up to 45 minutes.

Cycling – every other day cycle 30 to 45 minutes @ 60-90 rpm.

Rest 1 day/week.

Crossover hip stretching – daily 2-3 minutes/hip.

Single leg standing balance exercise for up to 2 minutes each leg.

I have been riding my spin bike everyday for 30 – 45 minutes, doing the crossover hip stretching and single leg standing.  I have not gotten outside to walk as much within the last week because it has been really cold and rainy.  We went to New Orleans to visit my family for the holidays and I did a lot of walking while we were there.  On somedays I actually did more than 15 minutes at a time though I was pretty sore at the end of those days.

I am able to now sit on the floor and bend my knee toward my chest to put a shoe on which was something that I could not do at the beginning of December when I had the muscle spot in my groin area that we were working the little knot out of.

My next doctors appointment is on January 21st and I am hoping that maybe some of this achy pain will subside by then but if it doesn’t then maybe I will see about going back for a few more PT visits.

A friend that I have made through my blog who is also recovering from PAO told me about a PAO Facebook page for PAO veterans as well as those potentially facing a periacetabular osteotomy.  This is support group to share information.  The group is called Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO).

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