4 1/2 months post-op: Want to feel normal…

January 21st, 2014 X-Ray

I had my 3rd post-op appointment on January 21st.  My doctor is pleased with where I am at this point in my recovery but I am concerned since I am still having some pain.  The pain is on what feels like my “butt bone” or  “sit bone”.  It is not a constant pain like I had before my surgery but I am hoping that I didn’t just trade in one pain for another.  The pain feels like it would be where the bones where cut at the bottom area of my pelvis and it bothers me more towards the end of the day.  Also as I have continued to walk more I’ve noticed a popping on the outside of my hip.

The doctor took an x-ray and it appears that the bones have grown back together in this area.  It made me feel better to know that everything looks good here because I was getting concerned that perhaps a stress fracture had formed.  He did say the area at the bottom where my bone was cut is also where the hamstring muscle is attached and the popping is a muscle popping over my bone on the outside of my hip.  He feels like all of this will work itself out overtime and he told me to keep pushing.  He also told me to try to do more stretching like stretches for my hamstring muscles and IT band and to keep in mind that a lot has been moved around in there.  He is going to see me again towards the end of April to see how everything is at that point.

Somedays can be so frustrating.  I can remember when the Physician Assistant explained to me before the surgery that running after this surgery would not be a good idea because it would be like taking an off road vehicle and putting 4 new tires on it and not realigning them and then sending it back out and the tires would not last as long.  This all makes more sense to me now as I am trying to walk normal and having things just not feel normal.  My hip has moved and worked one way for 30 years and now that everything is shifted around I guess it’s just going to take time.  I hope that with everyday that goes by that things will continue to get better and as my leg gets stronger again it will feel  more and more normal.

On a positive note I have been able to get outside the past 3 weekends and do some walking.  It has been so cold but at least on the weekend I can get outside later in the day once the temperatures are a little warmer.  I walked 2 miles last Saturday, 2 miles last Sunday and then I walked 3 miles yesterday.  The muscle popping was less yesterday than it has been which makes me happy.  I can’t wait until the long cold winter days are over I can start getting outside more.  In the meantime, I am going to try to start doing P90X chest and back, shoulders and arms, and possibly some of the legs exercises with cycling on my spin bike and walking outside on weekends.

7 thoughts on “4 1/2 months post-op: Want to feel normal…

  1. Hi Jennie,

    Your blog is so helpful. I have also been a runner for a long time and just discovered on Friday I am a strong candidate for hip arthroscopy or PAO depending on what the surgeon says. I have a few questions and was wondering if you could send me your email address to Katie.jones4957@gmail.com. Thanks so much.


    1. Thank you for ur blog! Had my operation in November and nice to know how I feel today is where many people have been! All is going well and hope your operation goes well too Katie! Claire x

  2. I had mine done 9 years ago. The butt feeling has never left me however I’m just lucky to walk and lead a normal life than in a wheel chair. The pain is quite an odd feeling dull but not a sharp pain unless I have overdone it in the day. Numb on the side of my thigh and feeling of a delayed reaction like a stroke patient at times worse later in the day. We just have to remember the pain before the operation.

    1. Yes, the pain before the operation was constant no matter what I did. I do still hope that the “butt pain” will get better. It is definitely a lot worse on days that I over do it. The weather was beautiful here last Sunday so I decided to walk 4 miles at the park and couldn’t take a step without pain by that evening. It took about 3 days before I felt good again and wasn’t limping. I guess we just need to listen to our bodies and avoid over doing it! Thank you for reaching out to me! Take care, Jennie

      1. I also saw a podiatrist as I’m now shorter on one side with excruciating pain in my back if I stood or walked all day this might help with pain management too if it applies to you it did me a world of good

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