Day 68: Cycling on the road to recovery

spin-bikeI am continuing to make progress.  I have now had 5 Physical Therapy visits.  I can get around the house with no crutches most of the day but I have a limp.

I went out to watch my husband cross the finish line for the Charlotte Thunder Road Half Marathon.  It was exciting to see him finish!  He did great and has a new PR of 1:36:04…way to go Garrett!!!  I was also able to see my friend Edward cross the finish line too.  It was his first half marathon and he did great!  Charlotte Thunder Road is a tough race with lots of hills!

I enjoyed watching all the runners but it also breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes to think that I will never be able to run long distances again.  I miss the conversations we had while running together…even it was arguing over something, the different places we ran with beautiful scenery like in Hawaii, the smells of a city like running through the French Quarter in New Orleans…a little smelly after a Friday night, or a quiet early morning run watching the sunrise.  This is why I am thinking that my new love will need to be biking so that I can at least be outside and have some of these experiences again in the future.  So to get started I got a spin bike for the house which I am super excited about 🙂  I did also get a wide comfy seat for the bike until everything is fully healed and I can use the regular bike seat.  Hopefully in the next few weeks I will start riding everyday to work myself up to about 30-45 minutes a day.

cushy-seatI did well on Sunday and Monday with no crutches around the house but then I had to use my crutch last night since PT kicked my butt!  I have continued to start each PT visit with 11-12 minutes on the stationary bike and then do presses with each leg on the total gym machine.  We added side steps last week.  My PT wanted to discuss moving me to a cane last week but I asked him to please give me through the weekend to work on walking with no crutch.  I did walk into my PT visit yesterday with no crutches.  This is the first time I have walked outside of the house with no crutch so this was a big accomplishment!  My therapist was impressed but then he added 2 new exercises that pushed me which is good…I guess.  I could do them but I was definitely hurting after and had to use my crutch last night.  He had me stand on one foot alternating from my surgery side to my non-surgery side without moving my lower body as we threw a ball back and forth to each other.  I then took the side steps up a notch by stepping on to a small square box and down the other side and back over again repeating several times.  I was exhausted when I got home and had to take a pain pill last night before bedtime.

My next post-op appointment is this Thursday, November 21st.  During the appointment they should take x-rays to look at how the bones are healing and I am hoping that everything looks good.

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